Tips on Cleaning Furniture Pieces


Cleaning your Furniture piece regularly will not only

make it look attractive but it can also increase the longevity of the furniture

pieces as well as maintaining the durability. Furniture pieces that are made

from different materials are cleaned in different ways. Follow these tips on

cleaning your furniture for you.

  1.     Cleaning Upholstery

Since there are different kinds of upholstery materials, there

are also several ways of cleaning the upholstery with different materials. To

remove loose dirt from sofa or chairs, you only need to brush them with a soft

brush. This can be done to any cushion materials. You can also vacuum your sofa

and chairs once every two weeks and make sure that you use the soft brush head

that are specially made to clean upholstery. To do a deep clean on waterproof

upholstery you can use water and detergent mixture to clean the upholstery. Do

this deep cleaning regularly such as once a month so that your sofa and chairs

can keep their shines for a long time.

  1.     Cleaning Wooden Furniture

To wipe dust and dirt from wooden Furniture, you simply

need to wipe them with a clean cloth regularly. If you have a wooden flooring,

make sure you also sweep the floor everyday to keep it clean from dust. You

should also dust your wooden furniture regularly in order to avoid piling dust

that will make the wooden furniture looks dull. You should also do a deep

cleaning once a month to your wooden furniture so that they will be able to

maintain their shine longer. You can also rub some wood oil to ensure the shine

of the wood to stay. Make an oil mixture of boiled linseed oil and turpentine

on a bowl. Dip a part of a clean cloth to the mixture and then rub the oil

carefully to the wooden furniture.

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