Pretty Shower Curtain For Beautiful Bathroom Interior

The interior of bathroom can be much prettier with the present of the pretty shower curtain. The curtain is not just shower divider; it also can be great decoration for your bathroom. The cute and interesting motives the colors that are suitable for your bathroom interior will give the refreshing look. It does not need to be purchased in expensive price, you can make the curtain yourself, or even you can re-modify the existing curtain you have.

These are some ideas of shower curtain motives that you can set in your bathroom. The minimalist bathroom painted with white will look great with the sheer curtain with the anchor motives. The blue anchor motives will give the soft color accent to the white painted bathroom. Another option is you can set your bathroom with medical clinic decoration. Everything painted white and the wooden flooring floor will look unique with the blue curtain with the white cross. The curtain is just like when you are in your doctor’s clinic.

For children’s bathroom, you can set the more colorful curtain, such as the green with the animal motives curtain. The blue curtain with the floral motives is also suitable for your girl’s bathroom. Talking about glamorous design, you can put the beaded line curtain on the white curtain. Do not be mistaken, we are not suggesting you to buy this beautiful shower. Indeed, you can do the repurpose beaded room divider for this pretty curtain.

The big fan of IKEA? This blanket curtain will fit for you. For those who expect the unexpected design, you can use the curtain with color gradation, just like rainbow color, or put more confetti on the curtain. Putting your favorite sport team as the badge for the curtain is also the fun idea to do. The pretty shower curtain print or repurposed can make your bathroom having the unique yet beautiful look.

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