Experimenting With Open Shower Concept

In modern age we have today, more and more people are seeking for innovations to make our daily life more exciting. And one among these new innovations in home design and decoration is open shower bathroom concept. Today, more and more people are getting attached to open bathroom concept. It is a new concept that instead keeping everything enclosed, the bathroom is designed to be more open, but without reducing our privacy level. Are you looking for open shower bathroom ideas?

If you want to make open shower bathroom designs in your house and looking for tips, this article might be able to help you. The first preparation is you need do is to plan everything so that the bathroom will work as it should be and would keep you comfortable in using it. Generally speaking, open shower area usually requires 6 to 7 foot buffer zone, to prevent the bathroom floor being flooded.

If possible, use half-wall to keep the droplet from getting unto undesired area or spots. Also it is essential for you to prefer locating the open shower at the corner of the room, so that it will have its own space which will create bold statement to the entire bathroom space.

Your open shower can be so drafty, especially during the winter time. The trick is, you can alternatively install heat lamp or to have one of those radiant bathroom floor as it works best to neutralize the shivers. Additional tips: you can possibly to install towel rack not too far distance from the shower which enables you to dry off immediately as you go outside the shower area.

Also to maintain the water usage efficiency, it is recommended for you to choose the appropriate showerhead suited to the shower size and need. For example, if you have ample shower room available, it will be possible if you install large showerhead. Most preferably choose the rain-style model to avoid the water splashing all around the area.

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