Choose A Unique Curtain To Strengthen Your Home Interior Concept

Pay attention to the detail, even the smallest part of the house really matter to create the magical interior design for your house. One of the most important element is curtain. Even though it is small, but the colour and model can really influence how the house look. So, be careful to choose the right curtain.

The basic principal in choosing curtain is to mind the window and the wall colour, matching both of them very well. A big and high window will be best match with two layer curtain. The outside layer is transparant and the inside one has a motive. The transparant layer is useful to still enlighting the house in the middle of the day, but not exposing inside part of it too much. For the small window, choose the single layer curtain with the super simple motive.

Now what please pay attention to the motive. Match the motive and colour with the wall and interior concept. White-yellow curtain with flower motive mix well with the pale brown wall, creating the fresh and simple look. Pink, orange and red also a good alternatives. On the other hand, dark brown curtain will create a luxurious and classy look. Combine it with the sofa and leather carpet in the same colour will add the magical effect. Now, which curtain suits your house?

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