MOW Highrail

PHASE 1: Building Restoration

  With a decent stretch of good weather ahead, finalization of the base building is underway! Rick Rowlands of the Youngstown Steel Heritage Foundation, accompanied by Nick Hovey, began construction of a new roof for the foundation building of the Carrie Deer sculpture.   Rick, arriving in his 1988 GMC Conrail MOW Highrail Truck – who wouldn’t love one of… Read more →


MSW 2015 Students meet the Carrie Deer

MSW mentors, students and apprentices recently toured the Carrie Furnaces and got a first hand look at the Carrie Deer! MSW kicked off the 2015 summer program with a tour of public art, dropping by the Industrial Arts Cooperative (IAC) sculpture – The Workers – at Southside Park. An amazing work of art created by many of the artists who… Read more →

MSW at Pump House

MEET our partner – the MSW!

The Mobile Sculpture Workshop (MSW) is a community outreach program of The Industrial Arts Cooperative. As a summer workshop for students in grades 9-12, the program demonstrates the techniques of safe and proper welding and metal fabrication while producing a large-scale sculpture for public display. The MSW inspires the youth of Pittsburgh and its neighbors with an opportunity of design,… Read more →


Getting ready!

Even during the frigid days, Ron Baraff, Rivers of Steel’s Director of Museum Collections and Archives, and Rick Rowlands, Executive Director of the Youngstown Steel Heritage Museum, were on site ensuring all would be in order for this year’s touring season. That’s 4 to 5 feet of ice beneath those boots! Always vigilant in watching over this historic landmark, we… Read more →


Mobile Sculpture Workshop takes flight!

The Mobile Sculpture Workshop (MSW), a pilot program of the Industrial Arts Cooperative, is in the last 9 days of their Indiegogo campaign! Please visit their link to support the continuation of our steel history through new artistic interpretations. The MSW, in partnership with the Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area and the Youngstown Steel Heritage Foundation, will be participating in the restoration… Read more →

Cast test antlers

Kickstarter ANTLERS poured at CARRIE FURNACES

Come on out to the Carrie Furnaces on Saturday, October 25th from 2-7PM and watch the SAVE the CARRIE DEER Kickstarter ANTLER Reward be poured…along with some adorable little iron piggies you can you acquire for your very own!   Hot iron will be flowing at Carrie and you’re invited to learn the entire process at the Casting the Iron… Read more →

Carrie Deer

The Carrie Deer on WQED October 25th

Nearly 5 years have passed since first efforts were made on the The Carrie Deer Project. The desire to restore the sculpture quickly grew into a restoration campaign, documentary, on-site student sculpture workshop and interpretive signs for the foundation building (to permanently detail the artist stories). Read more →

Happy to be here!

First Steps in Restoration

On October 9, the Restoration Team met on site for finalizing a work schedule and flow system for the restoration. Ron Baraff , Rick Rowlands and Eddie Opat finished a detailed review of the foundation building and base structure and projected man hours, equipment and material needs that will be used in finalizing schedules and budgets. Check in with the Restoration Gallery… Read more →

7 Days to Go


We’re moving toward the first stretch goal! Thank you all for supporting the restoration of the Carrie Deer – please visit our SAVE the CARRIE DEER Kickstarter Campaign to see the amazing rewards possible when pledging to restore the 40′ Carrie Deer sculpture at the Carrie Furnaces site! Read more →



BE INSPIRED…VIP Photography Tour Kickstarter Reward! While working with fellow Industrial Arts Cooperative members on the Carrie Deer sculpture, one of the things Tim Yohman enjoyed was photographing the site during the few quiet moments between work sessions. The initial lightning bolt of artistic vision gives way to actual more pedestrian work of physical construct. Days of bending rebar, lugging… Read more →